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Anybody can have perfect skin. Everybody wants to have perfect skin. Just a few know what to do for it.

If you are willing to put in a bit of effort for an amazing skin, follow these rules:

Rule 1: Morning and evening routine is a MUST. (Makeup remover, cleansing, and moisturizing)

Rule 2: Once every 4-5 weeks have a professional treatment for your skin concern.

Rule 3: Use at home, professional products for your type of skin. (you will achieve every day the same feeling and the effect as a facial)

Rule 4: Stop buying/testing any product on your skin just because it looks good or smells good; if it’s cheap or perhaps you think it’s too expensive not to work

Rule 5: Balanced diet, eat fruits and vegetables and drink water. For skin with pimples, avoid dairy.


Home care products:

  • Make-up remover (if it’s applicable)

  • Cleanser (yes, Make-up remover and cleanser are different products)

  • Day Cream

  • Sunscreen

  • Night Cream

If you follow these rules with HL Cosmetics, I can guarantee you will see notable improvements in 2-3 weeks. Maybe even earlier.

It’s not a magic formula. Requires discipline, perseverance, and the right products.


Choose wisely,

VP Team


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