In my youngest age, just like every other girl, I was attracted to the cosmetics department in every store. I would always spend hours checking almost all the products and buying the ones I believed were most interesting.

My result? Bathroom cabinets crammed with beauty products I never used more than a second time. Money thrown down the drain, literally.

I tried everything, including the “magic solutions”…such a waste! After that, I decided to give “home-made recipes” a try. The result was NO RESULT! I could not give up, so I went to a professional aesthetician and got a facial. I loved it, my skin felt wonderful. Unfortunately, the next week, I was back to square one. Why did this happen to me?

Well, lack of information was the main reason for my problems. I did not know how to buy the right products for me. I did not know how to use them properly. And even after a pricey facial, I did not know what to do to maintain my “wonderful” skin.

Confused and disappointed, I made the best decision ever: I signed up for cosmetology classes. I’m not going to bore you with everything I learned, but I am going to tell you what we started with. Basic knowledge of personal skin care. Learning that ten years ago made me feel really annoyed. From my point of view, this basic knowledge should have been taught in high school, to everybody. Instead, it has been a secret well kept for the ones willing to pay for it.

If you want to learn more, stick around.